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That Building…

I’ve been through probably too many buildings in this world. Some were great: Beijing South (“Beijingnan”) Railway Station was brilliant when it opened up, although as of late, there are too many shops (thankfully, there’s a couple of Starbucks as well). Watford Junction certainly can get a little better, especially when you’ve the basics ready: more signs to the toilets would have made life better. Others were a curse. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport’s Terminal 1 is a place I would rather never go to again; it’s a circus, a zoo, and a complete mess. I wouldn’t mind if I spent more time at Zürich Airport, though, and that epic bit where you go through all the gates at Terminal A — on a moving walkway right next to the planes — is just — oh wow. I loved that.

I’ve been through loads of buildings. Some were a scary, a disaster, a nightmare: the signage at Pimlico Tube station in London needs serious improvement. Others were less scary: Shanghai Pudong is as cool as an airport as it is when it comes to the signs. Some buildings were there to let through light: I loved Bermondsey station in London. Others were a dungeon: I’m looking at you, that 1950s-esque Caobao Road station in Shanghai.

When it comes to buildings I love, I hate, or I have to let my 2p be heard on, this is where you’ll find it. After a million kilometres on the go, it’s time I shared my stories — and let’s also hope if you’re an architect yourself, you’ll probably be clued in a little better on how to build those things right.

I wish the bright, white light that’s lighting up the Pimlico roundel was used in wayfinding signs. There’s a first to improve on… as I head to Vauxhall whilst passing through that building